How to Improve Internet Explorer

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Chris Pirillo
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  • Add to - Back in the day, I used to love Internet Explorer. It was awesome... up until version 4 and above. A lot of people out there still use IE, and will continue to do so. You can install a new plugin that Google has released - and have your install of Internet Explorer kick serious browser butt once again. -

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Dude! - Your "How to Improve Internet Explorer" vid is SILENT. I mean NO audio. On IE, on Chrome... silent. The preceding commercials play fine... just not you... on THIS video (I've tried others of yours and they're fine. Now then, IE-9 either crashes & restarts or plays with a green stripe across the vid's screen top and all the colors shifted down the image. This is on ANY video (not just yours). Chrome works just fine. *sigh* Halp.
By Oldpqlyr 3 years ago