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    Retired Greek Pharmacist Commits Public Suicide


    by NTDTelevision

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    Grim news from Greece, as an old man ends his life in public in the center of Athens. The retired pharmacist was apparently unable to handle the pressure of a large debt.

    A tragic incident shocked downtown Athens on Wednesday, when a 77-year-old man committed suicide, leaving bystanders petrified.

    The retired pharmacist had financial difficulties and in a suicide note says he couldn't take it anymore and shot himself in front of dozens of people.

    Minutes before pulling the trigger the old man sat under a tree and wrote a note saying that the government and the crisis didn't leave him any other choice than ending his life in a dignified manner.

    A few hours later, people came to the scene to leave flowers and also their own notes expressing their anger and frustration towards the Greek government.

    "The blood that was spilled today will not be in vain, Freedom or death, employees and pensioners are starving, give back what we deserve, enough is enough, shame on you", are what was written on some of the notes.

    Events like this fuel opinions that the economic crisis in Greece seems to be pushing its citizens to the limit, leading some to dramatic acts of desperation.

    NTD News, Greece
    Vladimir Alexantrof