The Mystery of Holy Bible: Will Mosque of Omar collapse on 2nd Oct.,2012 ?

John Wong

John Wong

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From the going forth of the 3rd commandment (by Persian King Artaxerxes) to restore Jerusalem: 445B.C.+(70x7)x5-->A.D.2005 The Supreme Golden Jubilee

Wye River Memorandum 23rd Oct.,1998(Fri.)+360 days x7-->15th Sep., 2005(Thu.) Day of Holy Pardon in the Supreme Golden Jubilee (False God & False Prophet were released from bottomless pit)

Wye River Memorandum 23rd Oct.,1998(Fri.)+360 days x7+360 days x7-->(Fri.,10th Aug.,2012) The Great Tribulation of Israel (Anti-Christ descends onto the earth)

From the Covenant between Israel & Palestine, the Oslo Accords: (Friday, 10th Sept.,1993)+(2300+21)days x3-->(Tuesday,2nd Oct.,2012) The sanctuary be cleansed (The temporary holy Temple completed)

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