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    TNXA iMPACT! 3 - Part 2

    Torrin Fluker

    by Torrin Fluker

    Welcome back

    1) Take a last look at TNXA iMPACT! Episode 2 (Death's Birthday) about Sailor Moon 8-0 against Mandy Luxe and Maryse

    2) TNXA Thunder GM Ran Kotobuki approching until later on

    3) Things will go sour between Mandy and Maryse

    4) TNXA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
    Black Star vs. InuYasha - Until then, bad things going to happen.

    5) Commercial Break

    6) Mickie James (with InuYasha) giving a brief update about Black Star

    7) Singles with Manager
    Haruhi Suzumiya w/ Dokuro-chan vs. Mileena w/ BloodRayne

    8) Randy Orton will prepare against Timmy Turner tonight

    9) Commercial Break again