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    8 Mile 2002 JPN Trailer Curtis Hanson


    MorinoMashio より

    8 409 件の視聴
    It was in my friend's iPod to have got to know Eminem.
    The image and music of PV are flowing by the friend's car all day long.
    Two men in 50 years old are hearing the lap all day long.
    Although there is a scene of a pressing plant on this movie, in order that I may also earn tuition, I worked at the pressing plant of autoparts.
    Although it is nostalgic, I do not want to return to that time.
    Now, PV of "Love the way you lie" and "Not Afraid" is contained in my iPod.
    Of course, my friend's favorite "Without Me" is in it.

    今、僕のiPodには、「Love the way you lie」や「Not Afraid」のPVが入っている。勿論我が友の好きな「Without Me」は外せない作品だ。

    Directed by Curtis Hanson
    Produced by
    Curtis Hanson
    Brian Grazer
    Jimmy Iovine
    Written by Scott Silver
    Kim Basinger
    Brittany Murphy
    Mekhi Phifer
    Music by Proof
    Cinematography Rodrigo Prieto
    Editing by Jay Rabinowitz