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THE SCHOOL - Never Thought I'd See the Day

hace 6 años150 views

Elefant Records: *An indie pop record label to make you dance, dream, feel, love, laugh, and cry*

THE SCHOOL: +INFO: [Es] http://bit.ly/I17JsD [En] http://bit.ly/1aIiVEt | On Spotify: http://spoti.fi/oQKMj3 | On iTunes: http://bit.ly/KviNh1

Directed by Tom Readdy [2012]

Song taken from ER-1166 THE SCHOOL "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything" LP [White Colour Vinyl] [Limited Edition] / CD Digipak / Digital album - On sale clicking: http://bit.ly/I1cKS7

Video-clip of "Never Thought I'd See the Day" on sale on iTunes: http://bit.ly/XwDLkK

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LYRICS: "Never Thought I'd See the Day"
Oh here they come
Those feelings that I've dreamed of now for so long
You stop my heart and make my head spin around
I never thought I'd see the day or hear the sound
Of your voice calling my name

Oh there they go
Those feelings I'd held onto now for so long
They take my breath and keep my feet on the ground
I was always waiting for the day to come around
That I'd be holding your hand

It's always been you and me
It's always been me and you
It's always been you and me
It's always been