Roblox Vs. Minecraft

Chris Pirillo
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  • Add to - During the live recording of TLDR, a viewer asked who would win a fight between Roblox and Minecraft.

You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here:


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By Roblox Hack September
No sound but I agree mine craft should be free and it sux!
By Daniel last year
Minecraft sucks ROBLOX can be better because its free and poor parents Minecraft has mods and Minecraft is for sale and Minecraft sucks because it has creative mode and survival mode but ROBLOX is still way better because it has studio and ROBLOX can have custom stuff and Minecraft has to have Minecraft stuff so Minecraft could go and suck balls
By DarkAntlersGaming 2 years ago
wheres the sound
By russian4 2 years ago
Ont entend rien !!!! :@ Nul a chier
By Peter Lbr 3 years ago