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    2.08 "Out with PFLAG Part II"


    by OutWithDad

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    It's intermission at the PFLAG sharing meeting, Claire makes a point of getting to know little more. After intermission, the group reconvenes to hear more stories, including Maureen and David's (based on submitted text). At last, we get to hear from Rose and Nathan, typical of a sharing meeting: there are tears.

    cast, in order of appearance
    Kate Conway as Rose
    Caitlynne Medrek as Claire
    Will Conlon as Nathan
    Paul Bellini as Gerry
    Mary Joseph as Maureen
    Kyle Stewart as David

    Darryl Dinn as Johnny
    Jennifer Kenneally as Marion
    Aidan Gowland as Morgan

    Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
    Adrian Ellis

    Produced by:
    Kara Dymond
    Eric Taylor

    Created, Written and Directed by:
    Jason Leaver