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    Witchcraft MEP [[Finished]]


    by Snail911

    I’m going to go hit my head against this wall now.
    Ok, so life sucks, and youtube sucks. I’m uploading this to tumblr and seeing if this’ll work.

    IT’S HERE! The finished Witchcraft MEP is here and It is beautiful!~
    A big thank you to everyone who joined in.
    And I’m sorry to the people who had to be replaced :/
    Part 1 -- ShadyVaati
    Part 2 -- KrystaTheDragon
    Part 3 – Snail911
    Part 4 -- Darkever84
    Part 5 -- ikuna12
    Part 6 -- YourBadassUke
    Part 7 -- Maysuko
    Part 8 -- lindigaro
    Part 9 -- Thelittleevilperson2
    Part 10 -- Maysuko
    Part 11 -- punkwitchanime
    Part 12 -- Thelittleevilperson2
    Part 13 -- NaiveIke
    Part 14 -- DoomedTruth
    Part 15 – TheParadoxCookie
    There are people with two parts because when I needed replacements I just kind of asked around instead of like, waiting around for new people because I already the deadline up and I didn’t want to wait more than I had to.

    Song:Witchcraft – Pandulum