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    Should Geeks be Geeks? Love and LEGO...

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

    552 views - Building a relationship with your companion requires communication first and foremost, but another important thing to try is sharing an activity together that is both fun and creative. Conversations you have with your significant other during these activities can help you build a stronger bond with them that lasts.

    One fun activity my girlfriend and I have enjoyed is LEGO. In this video, we'll review the LEGO Star Wars Sith Nightspeeder (7957), a 214-piece set that includes Anakin, Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress. 4 lightsabers are also included, in addition to the Nightspeeder, two detachable pods, and flick missiles.

    What is your favorite Star Wars LEGO set?

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