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    SN6000 Stackable Fibre Channel Switches with 20Gb ISL

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

    You don't want your network switching hardware to become a choke point in the datacenter. QLogic provides a number of switching solutions designed to integrate with HP Converged Infrastructure, simplifying the process of deploying and maintaining new servers in your data center. One key example of this technology is the HP SN6000 8Gb stackable Fibre Channel switch, which allows multiple SN6000 units to be stacked for easy expansion as your fibre resource needs increase. One feature that differentiates the SN6000 from other stackable switches is the use of separate stacking ports, so you grow the number of available ports without cannibalization of ports for inter-switch links. Another fairly unique aspect of these switches is SAN configuration software that allows you to discover network assets and attach to the them through a simplified single interface solution, rather than needing multiple tools to configure and attach. Here Jake Ludington talks with Tim Lustig of QLogic at Oracle Open World about the HP SN6000 and HP StorageWorks 8/20q.