How I Solved a Rubik's Cube

Chris Pirillo

by Chris Pirillo

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http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - I have been trying to solve the Rubik's Cube all of my life. Keep in mind this addictive puzzle was invented back in 1974. I toddled around as a young lad tirelessly spinning the cube in various directions - to no avail. The other night, I was toddling around tirelessly, spinning the cube... and it finally happened.

I got the idea to purchase a fresh cube, record myself messing it up, then reverse playback before uploading to YouTube.

If this pisses you off, there's something seriously wrong with you. The only way I can solve a Rubik's Cube is by... playing it backwards. :)