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    The latest gadget for smartphones. Nokia and Apple will incorporate SOLIDWAVE (or SOLID WAVE)?


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    SOLIDWAVE (or SOLID WAVE) is a new system for protecting and cleaning screens on portable electronic devices. SOLIDWAVE is easily interchangeable and customisable and it does not noticeably increase the thickness of a device.
    Users now interact intensively with screens, and this means excellent optical conditions are needed for users to enjoy visual comfort.
    To maintain these optimal conditions, SOLIDWAVE protects the screen from dust, scratches, sweat, and make-up. This protection is achieved by a very thin and flexible plastic sheet that slides over the screen.
    SOLIDWAVE system is designed to be attached to the electronic device during assembly on the production line.

    The owner of all the copyrights held on the SOLIDWAVE system is:

    Estudio Miguel Angel Sanz, Sociedad Limitada