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    Bin Laden's Family Jailed for Illegal Stay in Pakistan


    by NTDTelevision

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    After nearly a month in detention, a Pakistani court has sentenced Osama bin Laden's family. Some experts say Bin Laden's family may be able to answer questions that linger over how the terrorist ringleader was able to hide out in Pakistan for so long.

    On Monday, a Pakistani court announced its sentence on Osama bin Laden's family. His three widows and two daughters have been found guilty of illegally staying in the country.

    [Aamir Khalil, Lawyer]:
    "All the five accused—those who were charged—today, they have been convicted and sentenced for 45 days imprisonment, and besides each one of them is also fined, a fine of 10,000 Pakistan rupees ($110 US dollar) is also imposed on each accused.

    Bin Laden's widows and daughters have already spent 31 days in detention since March 3rd. So they will only have to spend 14 more days in prison after the verdict.

    After their term is up, the family will be deported to their own countries. Once out of Pakistan, they could potentially reveal how bin Laden, the world's most wanted man, was able to hide in Pakistan.

    Analysts said bin Laden's family might be subjected to a longer sentence. This is to stop them from revealing details on how bin Laden was able to stay in Pakistan for years—perhaps with the help of the country's military and spy agency.

    But, Pakistan's government and military have repeatedly denied any links to the former al Qaeda leader.

    If bin Laden's family were to say otherwise, it could embarrass Islamabad and enrage the United States.

    A decade-long global manhunt for bin Laden began after he orchestrated the September 11 attacks on the United States in 2001. Bin Laden was finally shot and killed last May, when US Special Forces stormed his compound in Pakistan.