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    Fair Trade for the Planet: Earth Month 2012

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    by 3BL Media

    Fair Trade for the Planet

    By Lauren Brock

    April is Earth Month. It’s the perfect occasion to brush up on your recycling and composting, plant a tree, ride your bike, and replace your light bulbs with the spiral-shaped energy-efficient ones. Here’s some good news: You can also add stocking up on Fair Trade Certified products to that list.

    You might already be familiar with how Fair Trade helps improve farmers’ lives, but did you know about the environmental standards and benefits that Fair Trade brings to farming communities?

    Farmers who struggle to make a living are often forced to engage in agricultural practices that compromise their land and surrounding ecosystems. Fair Trade ensures that farmers follow strict environmental standards, and that these efforts are supported by financial incentives and resources for organic conversion, reforestation, water conservation and environmental education.

    This result: Delicious Fair Trade Certified products that are better