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    CGRundertow TOMBS AND TREASURE for NES Video Game Review


    by CGRundertow

    Tombs and Treasure Review. CGrundertow presents a review of Tombs and Treasure for NES, which allows players to explore ancient Mayan ruins to search for a missing professor. Get your brush out and start examining the ruins in search for clues! Or hit your head and smash valuable artifacts to get a key or two. In standard point-n-click fair, you'll solve puzzles and explore old ruins. In not-so-standard fair, Tombs and Treasure will pit you against demons and monsters in an effort to keep players from beating the game too quickly and to help the story progress. Name your characters, explore ruins, and seal the demons of the Mayans in Tombs and Treasure. And no, no evidence that world is ending in 2012 was found in this game. Sorry theorists. This CGRundertow review of Tombs and Treasure features gameplay and audio commentary from CGR's Jonathan.

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