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    Rent a Chick for Easter

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    Rent a Chick for Easter - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

    During a typical holiday weekend, you may get together with family and rent a movie or go on a trip. For this Easter, a farm in Maryland has come up with a unique way to get your kids in holiday spirit.

    According to The Gazette, Rocklands Farm in Poolesville, MD is offering baby chick rentals! For $25, you get two chicks, a box for living space, and their food supply. Detailed care instructions are also provided. You can keep the chicks for 2 weeks.

    Some people purchase chicks to keep permanently for an Easter gift. But many of these animals die from lack of care or due to injuries from household pets. There's also the controversial practice of imparting dyes into eggs to produce multi-colored chicks - growers insist that the color is temporary and goes away as the animals grow up.

    It seems that rent-a-pet may be a good idea so kids can enjoy them for short-term and bring them back after the initial excitement wears off. However, renters still have to take the responsibility of caring for these adorable animals seriously so they don't get hurt.

    What do you think? Would you rent a pet if owing was not an option?