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    Maniac Loveseat - 20120329.049.01


    by HEXdotXXX

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    Rough cut first Maniac Loveseat segment.

    Koan Full of Zen Shit. Self Clearing with Cloth.
    Taking Acid, Purple, Homeless Torch, and Comedic Timing.
    Relaxation with Chemicals or Secondhand Cheese.
    Tribute to a Fallen Brother, We Believe.
    Signaling Paranoia
    Meaningless Actions Count - Maniac Loveseat is a short episodic format show in the Obscure Delusion universe. Featuring HEX and Jacky Paper, it is an unscripted improvised brainstorming session. Things that may be used for building parts of the canon universe and considered madness are wrenched from our viscera on the Maniac Loveseat.