Beck - Guess I'm Doing Fine


by mellow1_nate2

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Well, thanks for destoying my memory of this song being the goodbye that my best friend deserved. Just kidding obviously, I was very emotional at the time.I'm pretty sure this song is about loss though, and any one of us can interpret that in any way we choose.I'm sorry for your loss.
By e j Last year
The dog in the beginning of the video died today 9/3/2013 at the age of 15 years-old.
By Bruce Pavalon 2 years ago
Actually, the dog in the video is my dog. I ran into Beck, Spike Jonze and a couple of assistants in Elysian Park while walking my dogs. Spike Jonze asked if Hattie could be in the video. When they threw the guitar, it spooked her, which is why she runs out of frame. They seemed to be driving around Elysian Park and Echo Park just shooting whatever, and I think that's as far as the meaning of the dog goes. Hattie the dog is now 14 years-old, and she is still alive and well, although she doesn't go to Elysian Park anymore.
By Bruce Pavalon 2 years ago
I listened to this song a lot after I lost my dog - my best friend for 16 years. After seeing this video I'm almost sure Beck wrote this after losing his best friend as well (dog in the beginning fading out of view, guitar following when walking).
By ej 6 years ago