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    Classic Game Room: CHASE H.Q. II for Sega Genesis review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room reviews CHASE H.Q. II for Sega Genesis from Taito, based on the 1988 arcade machine. This racing / combat game is like Outrun mixed with Road Rash where you play a two stage game that requires you to catch up to bad guys and then crash into them until their car catches on fire! Excellent arcade style gameplay is marred by a somewhat sloppy and jerky presentation on the capable Sega Genesis, yet driving game fans should still check this one out. Chase HQ 2 is the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis version of Chase HQ with three playable vehicles and chunky 16-bit graphics. Controls work well but the arcade machine is the best version of this game to play. Chase HQ is also available for Sega Master System, SNES, Turbografx-16 and Commodore 64. This CGR review of Taito's Chase HQ II has gameplay from Chase H.Q. 2 showing Chase HQ 2 game play in HD from Sega Genesis.