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    Classic Game Room: CENTIPEDE for Dreamcast review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room reviews CENTIPEDE for Sega Dreamcast from Atari, the 1999 remake of the 1980 arcade classic (also available for PC and Playstation 1). This remake of the classic arcade hit comes with a bizarre storyline, odd CGI cut scenes and dialog as well as a completely new and unique style of gameplay. Some similar elements return from the original like the basics of shooting the Centipede, spiders, fleas and sound effects, but it's a completely new game (new from 1998-1999). Wally drives around in a little laser car thing and wasts bugs, end bosses and bad guys while saving people from the awful Centipede. Smooth game play and good looking graphics make this game playable but clumsy controls hurt centipede big-time, baby. This CGR review of Centipede for Sega Dreamcast has Centipede game play on DS Sega Dreamcast showing gameplay in HD.