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    Apr 01 - Homily: Paradox of Holy Week


    by AirMaria

    On Palm Sunday Fr. Bonaventure preaches on the paradox of Holy Week where it starts with the triumphal entry of our Lord in to Jerusalem, greeted by a cheering crowd and ends with His exit in revilement as He carries His cross to Calvary with the very same crowd heaping insults on Him. Father uses this paradox to point out our own lack of conviction when it is based on natural enthusiasm and thus our need to always ask for the grace of perseverance and to confirm this in habitual acts of self denial and charity.
    Ave Maria!
    Mass: Palm Sunday - Sunday - Form: OF
    1st: isa 50:4-7
    Resp: psa 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24
    2nd: phi 2:6-11
    Gsp: mar 14:1-15:47
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