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    RoboCop 2013 Trailer (official) remake reboot

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    RoboCop fans are drooling over the franchise's upcoming 2013 reboot, even though there isn't even a trailer out yet.

    Set in a dystopian future, the original 1987 film told the tale of Alex Murphy, a slain Detroit cop who is brought back to life when the evil OCP corporation turns him into a crime-fighting cyborg. There is no word on how different the Jose Padiha-directed remake will be, but there is already news of some big changes from the leading man himself. Joel Kinnaman has revealed that audiences will get to see his eyes through the visor of his RoboCop helmet, which used to be opaque, and says the film will draw more on modern day science.

    The stakes are certainly high, as RoboCop is one of the most highly-regarded figures in modern sci-fi. Fans have raised $50,000 to erect a statue in his honor in the Motor City, as well as another couple thousand for a musical comedy tribute.

    A previous attempt at a RoboCop remake fell through in 2010. Darren Aronofky co-wrote the script and would have also directed.