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    The Game of Evolution Beta version 2011

    Alexandru Paun

    by Alexandru Paun

    This is a short sound class film project made by Alexandru Paun, Bogdan Florin Patrascu and Prof. Ana-Maria Campianu of the "Media" College using movie, documentary and various clip footage over a soundtrack in order to tell it's own story and is currently used as school material for creativity, social study and educational purposes only! All rights for the footage and materials used in this project go to their original creators/owners and sources shown in the Credits section. The intro and outro text fragments are written in Romanian but a final version with english subtitles will be uploaded once the data from my old laptop is recovered. The project was released as a experimental short-film and won the Experimental/Animation award during the South West London International Film Festival, which was held in November 2013 in London. If you think it deserves it, share it and remember: When was the last time you were the world?
    Criticism or discussions regarding the film's topics are always welcome!