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    The OReilly Factor Michael Moore


    par Ali_La_Pointe

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    MOORE WON SHIT YOU DOPE! WHAT DISCUSSION DID YOU SEE ?People like moore and you are the real problem! you do nothing to help or solve anything yet always think you have the answers.....YOU DON'T,you have my pity!.....AND DONT USE "CHILDREN" AS POLITICAL LEVERAGE,BE A MAN!
    Par stinky70Il y a 9 ans
    stinky70 needs to shut his stinkin' mouth, moore won the discussion.
    Par lothe1Il y a 9 ans
    moore is a lier and cowardly blob that spews one sided bullshit and propaganda to make his living....and look how fat the weak little minds made him.............Orielly tore him a new ass,scary but good!
    Par stinky70Il y a 9 ans
    “Compassion is no substitute for justice.”
    Par Rush_LimbaughIl y a 9 ans
    doctors m
    WHO say the truth in usa is bad great man moore
    Par doctors mIl y a 9 ans
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