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    Reycralibur, episode 2


    by KidKira

    "Enter Ridi, Fox of Flames"
    As the first leg of their journey begins, Neo and Skyru stop at a local diner for rest. There Skyru meets the mercenary, Kay, sent by The 13th Battalion to capture her. Soon after though, another person with the same goal appears....

    Missed it by one day! X( Whatever, this episode introduces Kay and Ridi to the cast. I apologize if this episode feels a bit rushed (I watched "Frenemies" this month..., I KNOW what rushing is -_-). The next episode may be a bit longer or take a slower pace, whatever comes first.
    Next time, we will focus on the plot and Neo's idols, the Clairfield Knights! Until then, enjoy episode 2 of Reycralibur.