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    Jataka Tales - True Friends - The Treasure Of Life

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    Animated Stories in English. Friendship is the ship that never sinks, goes a famous song line. To value friendship and make it the joy of one's life. We must practice tolerance, which is the greatest asset in any relationship. True Friends Collection helps children appreciate the great value of friendship through beautiful tales. Animals speak and converse with human beings and act out their parts to make kids comprehend the worth of lasting relationship based on mutual respect and affection. Story is different. These imaginatively animated stories present different kinds of friends, their attitudes, their strengths and their behavior. The world of fiends unfolds here: The lion and tiger that grew up as friends, and how the peaceful monk solved the problem that cropped up between them. How friend Rana hatched a curious plan to save Mikka from a villain who not only would not return his money and but was also out to kill him. Two friends come together to teach their harsh guru a lesson. A rib-tickling tale with a lesson to learn. Among four great army commanders who worked for a king, only one was clever Pragmatic. What did he have to say to his three colleagues? An owl and an elephant became good friends. The elephant used to get nuts for the owl and the owl liked to sit on the elephant's back. One day the wise owl got an opportunity to save the elephant from monsters. An old fisherman who was struggling for food was helped by a friendly bird of heaven. Could he safeguard the friendship? A good friend hatched a plan to help a tired old woman get good treatment from her selfish sons. Friendship is the sunshine that makes the world cheerful. Let children learn its lessons as they grow.