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Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - you'll soon be here

vor 6 Jahren429 views



Kitty Daisy & Lewis have now grabbed the musical bull by the horns, producing an exquisite and exciting self-penned second studio album Smoking In Heaven; a breath of fresh air in a somewhat predictable music scene. This album takes the solid roots of their first album but then pushes the boundaries taking in the best of musical influences while still keeping that elusive Kitty Daisy & Lewis treatment that is just beyond words. The music is difficult to categorise – there are recognisable genres but then there are surprising juxtapositions and references that elude and challenge the senses. Check Wah Wah pedals, Hammond organs, harps? This is music to be listened to and enjoyed and dug deeper into on every listen.
( see http://kittydaisyandlewis.com/about-3/ )