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    Cinematographer: Chris O'Konski
    Mixed by The End

    Kink Ador bio- 2012

    Intensely sexy rock music on full display with testosterone fueled guitars, tight beats, and the queen of rock at the helm

    Nashville, TN 2012

    Rarely has a new band ever felt so righteously real; Kink Ador is the offbeat moody child of rock and roll, ecstatic like the Police and freeform like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Kink Ador has a huge rock sound that moves with a worldly drive and spirit. Just let your head and hips do the talking and you will soon see why they are taking the music scene by storm. Spinning from all the attention for their previous releases, "The Shape of Life," and "Animal," ,Kink Ador is set to release a new EP in 2012.

    Frontwoman, vocalist, bassist, and trumpeter, Sharon Koltick brings that Tarantino leading-lady style of beauty to the stage with her exotic and hypnotizing presence. "When she performs her trumpet and bass guitar the entire audience is taken into a trance. It's like she's grabbing their hand in a kamikaze embrace, leading them to surrender to that moment of bliss and sensuality; it is a true rock show."

    Sharon is a rare artist, "she is an intense champion for her artistic vision." Her direct and driving pursuit pays off, for when she's on stage, she wanes into a state of otherworldly charm with depth and expression in her soaring vocals and pulsing bass guitar.

    Guitarist, and backing vocalist, Nicklas Hamilton, is Sharon's songwriting partner and co-conspirator in Kink Ador. Nicklas is a rock and roll soldier and music barbarian. His guitar playing is so melodic and fresh to your ear that it's like you are hearing rock guitar for the very first time, it is intoxicating! Dale Harper rounds out the power trio on drums. He is an all out rock god on the drum set, keeping his kit tight, so nothing gets in the way of the dynamics and emotion; he drives the band like a freight train with his pulsing tom drums. All this energy and finesse together create what is Kink Ador.

    Kink Ador has been rocking the scene touring through the Midwest, South, and Northeast since late 2009. Specifically Kink Ador has garnered big buzz with a club residency in New York, TV showcase on JBTV in Chicago, a benefit show at a large Center Stage in Atlanta and a solid home base scene in Nashville. The band appeared on JBTV Chicago, in November 2009, and their performance has been in regular rotation on the show, along with the Smashing Pumpkins, the Dandy Warhols, No Doubt, and countless other National headliners.

    The band's premier music video "Animal" won multiple film festival awards including: 2010 Honolulu Film Festival: Best Music Video, Honolulu, HI, and 2010 Mountain Film Festival -Sierra Nevada award: Best Music Video, Los Angeles, CA. The video has attracted national attention because of the film fest wins, and was featured on the Fuse On Demand Music Channel. The song Animal was also included in a promotion for the Google Android phone. Kink Ador has their song Animal for game play in the video game "Rock Band 3" with proceeds going to the American Red Cross.

    Socially active in helping charities, Kink Ador has performed at benefits for Haiti, Sudan, the Second Harvest Food Bank, AIDS relief, and the United Way.
    At the end of the day it all comes down to the sounds and the songs. The collaboration between strong rhythms, positive lyrics, and classic testosterone filled guitar are what makes Kink Ador different and so real. Come, listen, and get your rock and roll fire lit with Kink Ador.

    Tune in again to BalconyTV Brooklyn!