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    Jataka Tales - Jackal Stories - The Wise Jackal And Stupid Monkeys

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    Animated Stories in English. The jackal tales for young viewers are marked by humour and wit. The aim is to inculcate moral and ethical behaviour in a simple and colorful way. The Jataka Tales contain deep truths about moral beauty, self-sacrifice and other vital human values.
    * The Hawks and their friends: Friends in need are friends indeed and never underestimate any friendship. Find out how the Jackal, Kingfisher and Turtle saved the Hawk family.
    * The Horse and the Jackal: The royal Horse develops a deep bond of friendship with a poor Jackal. What happens to this friendship is the climax of this story.
    * Wise Jackal and Stupid Monkeys: Never give advice to fools. A wise jackal's advice to a gang of monkeys will tell you why.
    * The Elephant and the Jackal: Every despot meets his doom. Arrogant elephant learns a lesson when the tricky little Jackal gets to work.
    * The Jackal who saved the Lion: You may love your friend but don't expect your family to do the same. Learn this form the lion and the jackal.
    * A lesson to the King: That we should value the things what we have is well told in this story of a King and a Jackal.
    * The Jackal and the Arrow: A greedy Jackal who gets hurt by eating too much at a time. Greed spells destruction.
    * Jackal The Messenger: Wit can win over might. If this was not so, how could the small Jackal here have made the elephants take to their heels?
    * Clever Jackal: Do not keep silence, when you have to speak: A jackal was caught by the king and since it did not answer at the right time and it was taken for punishment. Watch out how it escapes. Have fun.