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    INK - Ophelia


    με alicegr

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    Ophelia is a tragic figure from Shakespeare's Hamlet. The song refers to the dark side of love and darkness of the female entity. The woman who is a mother and can become a Maenad, the woman who loves but can also poison you, Ophelia is a drama queen who pulls you in her vortex and you struggle to jump back into the light. A Pandora figure opening her box.
    We tried to give a cinematic feel to a dramatic story, looking through the alleys of pain for the path of redemption and the stairs of atonement.

    Lyrics: This drama queen I ve heard you loved those days
    She is shooting straight into your heart now
    The endless nights you prayed for her to gods
    Trading your dreams under the moonlight

    Everything for you my dark queen
    My heart laid in your altar,
    You sacrificed the crown we shared
    with dragons in our tower

    You ve touched the womb and tried to plant the rose
    in coals you ve wished for garden flowers
    and then Ophelia came to steal her mind
    Your world became this frozen palace

    Well I feel free I m a bird inside
    The clouds I own for wings and
    I hope you ll clear your own sky too
    Goodnight I choose my dreams now
    Pandora I closed your box you wont hurt me any more..

    Directed and Produced by Savvas Karampalasis