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    A Hindu Goddess, by Peter Ruellan, writer, India, books, authors, village, new york

    peter ruerue

    by peter ruerue

    Annually, festivals occur in India. During one of these festivals, in a village, there is a festival to the village deity. Water is poured over a sheep's spine, and it is seen as a good omen if the sheep shivers. If it does not shiver, it is accepted as a sign that the goddess will not accept it, and it is led away. Many tribes also pour water over the backs of goats, the ones to be sacrificed, to see if they will shiver in the same way. Those which have found themselves to be appropriately qualified, by performing the qualitative shiver of those sentient beings about to be sacrificed,are then slaughtered. Often, in hard times, they keep pouring water over the victim, to avoid the expense of multiple animals.
    Before an endeavour, a goat may be decorated, and taken to a shrine. It is placed before a god or goddess; again if the animal shivers, it is seen as an auspicious event, and the travel will be blessed. If the goat does not, the event will be abandoned. Peter Ruellan 2012