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    Carol Ann Duffy - Mrs Schofield's GCSE


    by poetictouch

    Carol Ann Duffy reads her poem Mrs Schofield's GCSE

    Mrs Schofield's GCSE
    by Carol Ann Duffy (1955-)

    You must prepare your bosom for his knife,
    said Portia to Antonio in which
    of Shakespeare's Comedies? Who killed his wife,
    insane with jealousy? And which Scots witch
    knew Something wicked this way comes? Who said
    Is this a dagger which I see? Which Tragedy?
    Whose blade was drawn which led to Tybalt's death?
    To whom did dying Caesar say Et tu? And why?
    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark - do you
    know what this means? Explain how poetry
    pursues the human like the smitten moon
    above the weeping, laughing earth; how we
    make prayers of it. Nothing will come of nothing:
    speak again. Said by which King? You may begin.