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    Favorable and Lucky in India, by Peter Ruellan,writer

    peter ruerue

    by peter ruerue

    It is well known that the people of India have many customs and beliefs that are different from those in the west. Here is a partial list of favorable, lucky and auspicious beliefs, as I have come to understand them, from the southern villages of India. When a farm worker is seriously sick, a male or female sorcerer is consulted. A pattern is drawn on the floor that comprises sixteen boxes. This is done using rice flour. In each square is placed a leaf of Butea frondosa, coins, and some food. Seven knives or similar utensils are set up at the front,in lines. On one side, a large bowl of food is placed. A bird is sacrificed, and it's blood poured three times around this bowl. Then, rice is thrown into a nearby cup of water, while chanting the name of a god or goddess; if the rice sinks, then the sickness was caused by anger of the god or goddess; if the rice floats, then the situation will become auspicious.
    ---Peter Ruellan 2012--