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    Jataka Tales - Monkey Stories - Green Wood Gather

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    Animated Stories in English. These are stories of wisdom and morals written around 300 B.C in a language called Pali. They were later translated and distributed to people across the world. These stories connected to the past incarnations of the Buddha are meant to teach values like self-sacrifice, honesty and morality.
    * The Drums: This story states that overdoing is always bad. Find out what happened to the father and son who tried to scare away robbers by having their monkeys beat the drum.
    * The Green-wood gatherer: A fool who is lazy causes trouble for everyone. Anyone who postpones work will find it difficult to prosper in life. The lazy monkey's story illustrates this in a beautiful manner.
    * The Careless Tiger: Too much of anything can be dangerous. A tiger's exaggerated attachment to a deer spells his doom.
    * Demon Tricked: Test the water before jumping in. A good moral told well, showing the intelligence of the monkeys who trick the water demon and drink the water in the pond.
    * Jealousy: Two calves who envy a little learn a good lesson.
    * Necklace Monkey: Who stole the queen's necklace? The Truth, as always, is found out only from proper examination.
    * Foolish Friend: A king who keeps a monkey as a pet discovers the consequences of the monkey's friendship.