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    Thank U Mumbai - A Tribute to The City

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    by Moviez Adda

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    This song is our way of recognizing all that we owe to the city that has made our dreams a possibility. Be it our ability to live and create in a city that doesn't differentiate between class and community, or the sheer warmth of the people we meet every day from all walks of life who soldier on despite real and seemingly insurmountable odds.

    Lastly, Thank You Mumbai is a cry for revolution. We have witnessed the massacre of Mumbaikars. We have witnessed the rape of this city by terrorism, poor policy, unpreparedness, false commitments and apathy alike. Three years have passed from the moment Mumbai stood still, stood hostage. What has changed?
    It is time.

    Join us for what promises to be a revolution.

    By dedh iinch upar