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    by vibramfivefingers22

    From then on, I often asked her out for dinner or we just spent time together on movie, walk or talk. Every time, she would wear a pair of Jeremy Scott shoes, with different styles and colors but the same flavour. She told me the shoes just made her cozy and comfortable. Quite different from common sports shoes, they were not only comfortable but the look of the Jeremy Scott shoes was classic and fashion instead of gaudy. She asked me if Iwould like her to wear an elegant high-heels, she would do. I hugged her and told her she was the most beautiful girl with Jeremy Scott shoes.
    Our life moved on and the time came when I knew I should make a proposal to Amy and made her my wife. Her friends told me different ways to make the surprise, but I still wasn't satisfied. I knew for this wonderful girl and the treasured moment, I would give her the best. I thought of hundreds of roses shaping a heart in front of her, but for my simple Amy that was too