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    Dr Steve Polenz Healthy Living for Bones | Part II


    by drstevep

    There are 6 different factors affecting the health of your bones.

    1. Connective tissue/collagen -- this is a tissue in the bone that must be strong for it to be strong.
    2. Minerals -- the right minerals are a must for strong bones.
    3. Essential Fats
    4. Hormones -- our hormones effect how strong our bones are.
    5. Muscles/Exercise -- when we use our body the stress stimulates bone growth.
    6. Toxins & Metals -- Toxins and metals are everywhere in our world and they can interfere with our bodies ability to build strong bones. This is why I highly recommend detoxification.

    Now you can see just taking calcium does not work to build bones.. The calcium is one part however the other parts must also be addressed for your bones to be strong.

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