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    The King of Fighters Gameplay on Android HD + Free Download

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    King of Fighters v2.9.3.... OUT NOW!!!!!!!!

    King of Fighters Android was released to the Android Market today. Its virtually the same as it is on G-Gee, in fact when you go to download the additional files it uses a web based G-Gee downloader to download & install the 600mb of additional files. It does use and apk for the King of Fighters and it is xperia play optimized but does NOT show up in the games launcher (bummer). I am at work right now and cannot upload the 600mb of files at work however I did upload the Titanium Backup of the game as the APK itself it protected and I was unable to save the apk itself.... besides are TB usually better.... :-)


    Enjoy the complete KOF experience on your Android devices!