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    Underwear Flask Unveiled

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    Underwear Flask - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

    Ladies, brace yourself for the next generation of gentlemen!

    There’s a new invention for guys as reported by the Daily Mail, allowing them to essentially pour their alcoholic beverage of choice into a flask from their crotch!

    It’s called the ‘Freedom Flask’ and consists of a pouch-like contraption with dispenser that can be filled with liquor and belted to the waist.

    The dispenser lines up with the fly on a pair of jeans, so when the male in question needs a feel good drink, all he has to do is unzip, place an empty cup and voila!

    Drinking vessels have come a long way from the large wooden bowls and metal horns our forefathers drank from. In the past, people have even used human skulls as drinking containers.

    Modern times have seen a plethora of alternative vessels as well like the ‘Beer Blaster’ gun, boob tube funnel, and liquor concealing sandals. One of the most memorable is the booze bra, otherwise known as the ‘wine rack’ using which a woman can increase her bust size and conceal the equivalent of a bottle of wine at the same time!

    As for the freedom flask, the manufacturer says it's leakproof and suitable for events, bars, or a boring day at the office.