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    We are Bremen Town Musician. We play alot of music. We've covered alot of ground. Check out the albums 'Silent Arrows' from 2005 and No one Is holding a Gun To Your Head (Songs to Run to) from 2008. Pleasant surprises and always enjoy! Bremen Town Musician came from the no scene scene that has no specific geographical location and where musicians play anything that is required, at any time, with anyone and learn their art on the fly... An adventurous avant-blues soloist and sometimes trio and well versed in experimentation and artistry, Brisbane's Bremen Town Musician have consistently titillated and inspired audiences across the globe with their eclectic blend of spoken-word performance, texture-driven experimentation and honest, evocative songwriting. The creative vehicle of Brisbane transdisciplinary artist Marisa Allen. A journeywoman musician, poet and street performer, Allen has spent the past fifteen years exploring and refining her craft throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and Iceland via surplus of unique and surprising opportunities -- from performing as an improvising violinist for the governor of Reyjavik to releasing a book of poetry (2007's Fire in Your Head) . Allen's idiosyncratic vision, meanwhile, is articulately fleshed out on the album No One Is Holding a Gun To Your Head (Songs To Run To) by veteran musicians Arron Bool and Dave Bell (Mayuresh Sathe - drums live). Bool's skills as a multi-instrumentalist have decorated recordings by countless Melbourne ensembles over the past ten years and expand upon Allen's innate flair for texture with eloquence and grace while Sathe's accomplished percussion (which encompasses both drums and less conventional instruments like tablas) lends a nuanced sense of gravitas to Allen's songwriting and an unpredictable edge to the trio's live improvisations. Bremen Town Musician have thus fa r released two records, 2005's Silent Arrows and 2008's No-one is Holding a Gun To Your Head (Songs to Run To), to considerable critical and artistic acclaim; the group consistently collaborating with numerous exciting and diverse artists -- from electro-acoustic folk experimentalist Anonymeye to performance poet's Shane Koyczan and Gerald Keaney -- and receiving praise from a number of disparate cultural quarters. ABC's Radio National have awarded the group's work consistent airplay while publications in both the band's native Australia and abroad have endorsed Bremen Town Musician's work. The group's 'Be Still Now' was even shortlisted by QSong for their 2010 Dance/Electronic Song of the Year title earlier this year. Bremen Town Musician toured in solo mode to the United States as guest with US/Icelandic band The Foghorns in 2007

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