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    Waterproof decks, terraces, balconies Decorative and protective paint for surfaces subject to foot traffic


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    ARCADECK is designed to waterproof terraced areas built on porous substrates. ARCADECK will cover and protect the substrate by preventing it from deterioration caused by foot traffic, cracking and water ingress.

    ARDACECK provides an elastic waterproof coating on terrace areas, decks and balconies. ARCADECK will not modify the original structure with added weight or size. Where building regulations limit the weight of the structure and where extra product thickness will prevent a door from opening out onto your terrace, ARCADECK is the ideal solution to achieve a new waterproof deck which will leave your original deck unchanged in size.
    ARCADECK, ideal for use on new and old exterior porous substrates (cement, concrete, stone, tiling and brick) provides a decorative matt finish.