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    The Deer - a Poem by Peter Ruellan

    peter ruerue

    by peter ruerue

    In the field I saw the deer
    Springtime was close at hand
    Crystallized grass beyond me ahead
    With determination, the deer chewed the greens
    Out of her woods, exposed to the world
    Runs away with the dawn.
    Sure of herself, secure and far
    From man, dog or wolf
    Far from destruction or noise
    Or on a hillside
    Or in a valley
    Listens to every breaking twig
    Free to travel in any direction
    That her little heart desires
    Nor is she afraid
    Of bow and arrow or pistol
    She has lived her life fully
    Now, she can never be murdered
    By some sorry human or foe
    Unlike myself,
    Who has everything to fear.
    Peter Ruellan 2012