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    Navigating the "GREAT SHIFT"


    by CRNewsReports

    Channeled Readings, LLC - Navigating the Great Shift... Answers from a "Higher Source" to put your life back on course:
    From all these we, the intuitive psychic mediums, provide our clients and members with a look forward that changes their lives. No one else in the world provides this total picture of the future like we do.

    Here's what we offer:

    Readings… LIFE CHANGE private channeled reading will give you answers, insights and direction. You get the answers when you need them directly from "your guides" and see your future through the eyes of your guides.
    The CR News Reports©… Future news events revealed! Now you can find out before the news happens - days, weeks, months, years in advanced! Not just predictions, but down-to-earth guidance from our "Higher Intelligence Source."
    Live Events… Host an event for your business, group or party where a higher source comes through to help you and your group navigate these changing times. Host "the event of the year"… an event your guests will thank you for giving them this gift of insight.
    Learn To Channel… Finally, you too can learn to channel just like we do! The entire Channeled Readings, LLC project is based on these same methods and tools. You will learn to channel from the world's foremost authorities on the correct use of a talking board.