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10 years Muziekpublique | Vardan Hovanissian (doudouk): Hovivi Kanch

il y a 6 ans183 views

Vardan (Armenia) studied at the Romanos Melikian Musical College. He specialized in the doudouk, a wind instrument that dates back to the 5th century BC and that perfectly reflects the Armenian sound and soul. Vardan has performed around the world solo, as part of a duo, with his group Arax, with Blindnote, or together with Israeli singer Yasmin Levy or Armenian singer Abdelli. In Armenia, he played with the National Folk Music Ensemble, as well as in groups like Gandzsar, Marathouk & Ervand Saharouny. Here he conjures up the melancholy spirit of this shepherds' song, 'Hovivi Kanch'.

Film : Rafael Serenellini, Justine vande Walle
Sound : Mathieu Alexandre
Production: Jacoba Kint, Bee Hugyecz for Muziekpublique

"A Song a Day: World Tour in Music and Images":

Blindnote: http://www.muziekpublique.be/news/bands/blindnote-114/

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10 years Muziekpublique | Vardan Hovanissian (doudouk): Hovivi Kanch
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