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    Sound Engineer - Nick Smith
    Audio & Video production by Joe Lynch


    Yesterday's View is the Pop/Rock music of incredible singer-songwriter musicians who have the ability to connect with their audience. Whether it is the captivating lyrics, driving melodies or the haunting ballads, their music will take you by surprise. Lead vocalist Brasher and Bass guitarist Elja are the principal songwriters and share a passion for writing music with a deeper message. Brasher's is a self taught musician, playing acoustic and electric guitar and keyboard. A genuinely nice guy who brings it from the moment he hits the stage, Brasher has an amazing range and control, delicately lofting from octave to octave with smooth precision. Elja is a well rounded musician with his wonderful ability to harmonize, creative guitar and bass playing. Music is what seems to not only fill his soul but flow from it as well. They are inspired by life events, including relationships, friendships, emotions of life and it is what they use to write new music and lyrics nearly every day. "It's raw, it's real and people can relate to that kind of honesty, " reveals Elja. Music is an amazing gift. "Music is an expression of who we are, our experiences and who we want to become," says Brasher. Their unique and diverse style is undeniable and unforgettable. Each song draws you in with it's heartfelt music and soul-bearing lyrics. "Driving deeper into the emotion of each experience," Elja reveals, "definitely helps to capture that moment where you sing about someone taking your breathe away and you really believe every word."

    Yesterday's View music tells an incredible story of love, loss and discovery which is evident on the newly released album 'LIGHT OF LOVE' featuring one of their popular singles 'Take My Life Back.' The popular single was inspired by Brasher and Elja's decision to write and produce their own music, which they wasted no time doing for their first full-length album. The album was released on October 10th and is now available on iTunes. Wanting to bring something different to the industry, Yesterday's View fearlessly steps out taking music to new levels and challenging today's generation. From the heart's yearning in Meant To Be and The Best Days, to the disappointment you feel when you know you will never have that special someone in Stay, to the joy of loving someone so deeply in Wedding Song, their fans will experience the spectrum of life's emotions.

    Yesterday's View has been gaining major interest from newspapers, music/entertainment magazines, having several articles written about the bands success, to the local Channel 5 News with their album "LIGHT OF LOVE". They are currently working on their first music video to "Get Loud", another popular single from that album and hope to release it by late 2011. Brasher credits the band's creativity and effortless changing textures to their "anything's possible" attitude. "We could spend a lot of money on renting a studio just to come out with nothing at the end of the day," he laughs. "Instead, we do all the pre-production in my home studio. When we have what we know is something we can be proud of and our growing fan base will enjoy, we waste no time in getting things done. If that means no lunch or dinner breaks—we work straight through to turn out a great album. This is where we reveal the diamond in the rough." Yesterday's View is about not going back, but moving ahead to a brighter future! Experiencing the good and bad in life and learning from the journey. Brasher and a long time friend and musician will be opening the doors of their own Recording Studio in December of this year called 'SoundBird Studios' ( Website coming soon.