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    "Hiroshima" 1945, Orchestra Tribute from Patrick Stafford & Ste-Mary's Band String's with Choir Studio.

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    "Hiroshima Tribute" for 250,000 Peoples dye on 6th AUGUST 1945 by Atomic Bomb.
    8:15 am 6th august 1945. Sunny and clear morning on City...were all begin and all finish in few seconds.

    Music: Patrick Stafford (Base-Track Music From the Song "My Friend" of Patrick Stafford & St-Mary Band's

    Patrick Stafford,Ste-Mary Band Tribute Rendition (Video HD HQ 16.9)

    Main Cello: Chow Ling (Bernd Dimbath,Gofriller)
    Lead String Melody: Yumi Wakamatsu
    Orchestra:Ste-Mary's Band Quartet
    (Drums: Special Tks to Tony McNeil)
    Church Bell's: Marita
    (Special Tks to all the Team's)
    ELM Publishing enr. Socan Canada (c) Under Patrick Stafford Pianist Composer and owner of all the Publication Right