Water repellent for facade and porous buliding materials protect porous building materials from freezing mildew

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ARCABLOCK WATER REPELLENT will block water penetration which can cause structural damage and deterioration of porous concrete, wood, brick, stone and most other porous building materials.

ARCABLOCK water repellent for porous building materials can be applied to walls, floor tiles, shower and bathroom tiles, pottery, floors etc. inside and outside.

Self cleaning, ARCABLOCK WATER REPELLENT will protect the surface from dirt and ageing as well as treat, restore and protect your home from :
certain types of structural damage and deterioration of the building materials
humidity, mildew and mould growth which can cause chronic health problems
unsightly flaking paint, efflorescence and peeling wallpaper caused by dampness

Pack size: 0.75 Litres, 2.5 Litres and 20 Litres

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