CGRundertow RUSHING BEAT for Super Famicom Video Game Review

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Rushing Beat review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow import review of Rushing Beat for the Super Famicom. No, I'm not entirely sure what M.Bison and Terry Bogard are doing in a knock-off beat-'em-up by Jaleco. All I know is that it's a game, it exists, it came to America as the tepid Rival Turf! (a game with one of the most laughable boxes of all time), and a roided-out dude named Arnold's wandering around. Good to see the ex-governator was making his mark in early 90's Japanese video games. That's called being a cultural icon! (The exact nature of that culture is left as an exercise for the reader.) This video review features video gameplay footage of Rushing Beat for the Super Famicom and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ.

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