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    The Dublin Fringefest called the band's style a "revolutionary fusion of jazz, funk, hip hop and world styles". Beat' n Blow is a very energetic 9-piece marching band playing acoustic dance music arranged for voices, horns and drums. With a singer, two drummers, two trumpets, tuba, trombone and two saxophones, the band creates a unique sound and live experience that leaves no audience untouched.

    The band was founded in 1994 as a street marching act.
    They toured Italy in two old Volkswagen-busses and never looked back. 1996 saw the release of the band's first instrumental album, 'Modern Brass'. It took the band a while to release their second album in 2003, 'Time', which featured the singers Kati La Voix and Uli Wolf for the first time who are also two profilic writers and contributed most of the songs on the album.
    In 2006, the band relased their breakthrough and trademark album , „Sound of BlasMusik", which branded the band's sound. The single „Girl" went on 6 month rotation on German radio (Funkhaus Europa/radio multiculti) and won the Carnival of Cultures-songcontest in 2007.

    Over the years the band became a sought-after stage act and went on to play festivals and concerts in Rome, Athens, Dublin, Breda/NL, Eindhoven, Luxembourg, Bruxelles, Durham/GB and all over Germany.

    In September 2009 the band realeased their fourth album 'Hund ohne Leine' (Dog without a lead). With this album, beat 'n blow is finally "unleashed", perfectly demonstrating the future of urban brass. Stompin and pumpin' grooves, striking horns and the powerful charismatic voice of Katie LaVoix propell brass music into pop and worldbeat heaven.

    The bands live performances all over Europe are franticly celebrated - so swing
    the limbs and listen up!!

    Tune in again to BalconyTV Cork!!!